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Carrier Oils
Even though soap is a ‘wash-off’ product, there can still be beneficial ingredients absorbed by the skin. Nana’s Natural soaps are made using the Cold Process method, where there is a technique called ‘superfatting’. This technique allows extra oils to remain unsaponified in the soap, meaning they are not converted into soap. These attributes in the final soap product may now impart some beneficial ingredients to the skin. Some examples are; Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and essential fatty acids properties which are all good for the skin, in the proper quantities, and according to the specific skin needs. 
Nana’s Natural is proud to use the very best ingredients, because your skin deserves it!
Our base recipe for all of our Vegan soaps contain seven Carrier Oils. All of which are premium oils, but also include oils that are not commonly used in the handcrafted soap industry. Such as, Almond and Avocado oils. Our Shea Butter is so pure and unrefined, that it can be used in cooking. Our Shea Butter along with our Cocoa Butter are not processed or refined with chemicals or additives.
Our non-Vegan soap recipe is primarily animal fat based, which is Leaf Lard from pasture raised and grass fed pigs. Tallow is from pasture raised and grass fed beef. The benefits of using animal fats is their essential fatty acid composition, which is very close to the composition of our own skin. This results in a soap that is very compatible for our skin and is very nourishing and creamy to use.
Carrier Oils
Almond Oil
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
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